The Tiny House

Come stay in a Tiny House getaway in the country half way between Mt. Hood Skiing & Portland Nightlife. You will be surrounded by the natural wonders of farm life, horses, peacocks, goats & friendly cats all here to brighten your stay at Corbett Farm.
The tiny house is a one of a kind design. It is a simple home with a cabin feel. The walls are tongue and groove cedar panelling giving the space a wonderful scent. A sleeping loft with sitting height ceiling (for most) is reached by a ladder to a comfortable Queen size mattress made locally with organic cotton. All sheets and bedding are also organic cotton. The house is insulated with natural wool keeping the house cool in the summer and cozy in the winter months.

Two skylights in the house give you a feeing of being perched in the trees. This particular tree is also a common evening roosting spot for the farms peacock inhabitants. Don't be alarmed if you see one peaking in while you are cooking breakfast.

The small kitchen contains basic amenities. It has a dorm size refrigerator with mini freezer, electric water kettle, toaster, gas stove/oven, and sink. The toilette is a simple bucket composting system and should not smell with proper maintenance. Each guest will be asked to remove their toilet waste from the tiny house upon leaving. This is simple and is not as bad as it may sound. Their will be clear instructions in the house on your arrival.

For your bathing needs a small shower is also inside. The hot water comes from the 10 gal. water tank and takes less than 30min to reheat. All shampoo and soap amenities are provided for your use. If you do decide to use personal soaps please make sure it is biodegradable because the house grey water is used for farm watering.

All house cleaning products are non toxic and biodegradable. Bedding is cleaned with non scented hypoallergenic soaps and air dried.


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