Therapy & Riding

At Corbett farm horses are our partners in Health, Healing, & Growth. Thanks to our indoor arena we can work rain or shine. Please Contact Us to schedule your visit.


Come for a ride at Corbett Farm anytime.  There are 5 horses: Mayday, KyKy, Saffron, Raia and Healthcliff the pony.  Saffron & Raia are unbroken 2 year-olds. Mayday, KyKy and Healthcliff are the riding horses. We support good horsemanship and correct form in the saddle. We can teach you to properly take care of and ride a horse.

We offer local trail rides of about 45 min and/or a lesson in the indoor or outdoor arenas. Rides can be booked through Airbnb excursions (link coming soon) or for a modest savings by booking through the farm directly. Same day rides can often be accommodated if you call ahead: 503 695 2956 or 323 404 6981. We are located in a truly beautiful area, some folks just like to come out now and then and go for a trail ride.  We can do that. Direct Farm Booking Rates are $50. per person. & $40. per person on any return visit . (click for photos of the horses)  We look forward to introducing you to our horses!


Equine Therapy

My name is Stuart Sleigh-Mentieth Bennett, MSW, CSWA, Pre-CADC.  My goal is to provide safe and healthy therapeutic interactions between people and horses.  Horses can be great co-facilitators in mental health counseling because they are highly responsive and receptive to our states of being, our feelings and emotions.  I was formally trained and previously certified in EAGALA Model Equine Therapy.  I am a graduate of Portland State University’s Master’s in Social Work Program. My therapeutic frameworks include: Crisis Intervention, Principals of Empowerment, Life Stages Theory, Narrative Therapy & Motivational Interviewing.  Focus Areas include: PTSD, Addictions, Grief & Loss, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Health & Wellness, Self-Esteem & Confidence.

We practice Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) & Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).  All work is done on the ground with horses. Individual & Group Sessions. Specializing in PTSD, Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence, Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Grief & Loss, Depression, Health & Wellness, Crisis Intervention, Communication, Self Esteem/Confidence, Survivors of Abuse.

I Am able to offer you on the ground or Riding Equine Therapy. The choice is yours, Sessions are 45 minutes each with a flat fee of $75. The fee is paid in advance during booking.

 (Please click here to schedule a session for you or a loved one).  

Cancellation Policies

Lodging: Cancellations made with greater than 48 hours are fully refundable.  Cancellations with less than 48 but greater than 24 hours are 50% refundable.  Cancellations less than 24 hours of scheduled day are not generally refundable.

Riding: Cancellations with greater than 24 hours are fully refundable.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours are 50% refundable upon request.

Equine Therapy: Cancellations with greater than 24 hours are fully refundable.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours are 50% refundable upon request.

*With all cancellations clients maintain the option to credit services forward to a future date.   

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